Design For Expression Engine

If you're searching for a content management system that will enable you to easily update and administer your website in-house, Expression Engine can provide a great solution.

Expression Engine is our 'go to' content management system (CMS) at Suissa Messer. We've developed numerous websites with it, including our own.

As a powerful, yet comparatively low cost, solution in a growing field of CMS, we have found Expression Engine to be flexible enough to consistently achieve both the form and functionality requirements desired by our clients.

For small to mid-size businesses and organizations, Expression Engine has enabled us to empower our clients to handle updating their websites in-house. Day to day website updates require no more expertise than using Microsoft Word does.

We take advantage of the vast functionality offered by Expression Engine with robust professionals directories, site search, blogs, etc. Simply put, having Expression Engine power our work means our client's sites can 'do' more.

If you're a web developer that needs a design firm that really understands how to design for Expression Engine, we'd love to talk to you.

If you're considering using Expression Engine for your own site, contact us and we'll send you a customized portfolio featuring our latest work using this wonderful tool.