Brazil/US Cross Border Design Services

Whether you're an American company looking to tap into the Brazilian market, or you're a .br that needs to speak to a .com market, we're well positioned to help you achieve your goals.

We understand why sometimes Orkut is more important than Facebook. We understand that Christmas isn't warmer just because you're closer to the equator. At Suissa Messer, we know how to speak the Brazilian market.

This specialization comes not from jumping on globalization bandwagon, but instead from our own experience. Our principals have worked at and with leading publishing, hospitality, energy and financial companies in both Brazil and the United States.

Our expertise enables us to offer numerous services to help companies bring their design and communications to the markets where they need to be. That means localization that goes beyond translation. We look at design, copy and culture to ensure your marketing collateral and messaging resonate.

Localization: Adapt existing or create new marketing communications

Content management systems: Design and develop website solutions that support both Portuguese/English

Design consulting: Work with you on communication design aspect of your localization strategy

If you're developing a localization strategy, communication is critical, talk to us about how we can help you emerge in this emerging market.