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EisnerAmper Publication Emails

We modernized the emails used to promote EisnerAmper’s publications. Building upon our earlier work for this leading accounting firm, our objective was to add broader mobile support in an increasingly fragmented space. The challenge was to do this while still preserving legacy support for even the oldest versions of desktop email clients like Outlook 2003.

We developed an adaptive template, using design techniques commonly referred to as “responsive design”. These change the email’s layout and formatting based on the device it’s being viewed on. Smartphones provide unique display challenges with their limited screen real estate and variety of email clients that all interpret the same code differently. Our solution degrades gracefully based on each email client’s supported features.

For tablets and desktops we added content that displays conditionally, taking advantage of their extra space. From a content perspective, the emails also integrate cross marketing with events and other topical features making them more relevant to more readers.