Techfetch Landing Page Design
Techfetch Logo


Techfetch Rebranding has quickly become the 2nd largest IT staffing website. The company decided to launch a rebranding effort to become more accessible to the American market and better reflect their talent souring engine. Working closely with their CEO and marketing director, we helped implement their vision for the rebranding.

We translated their desire to center the new logo around a boomerang, producing ideations until they settled on a very simple design. Once the logo was selected we helped establish the basic components of their visual identity including brand typeface, colors, etc.

To help foster the transition to the new branding, we developed an interim landing page. Our objective was to quickly communicate Techfetch’s features and benefits to their major target audiences: job seekers, recruiters and companies. Visually our approach was to develop a look and feel that is both bold and simple. This marked a clear departure from the cluttered interface and dated stock photos featured on the original website.