Wordplay that turns everyday business terminology on its head.

Communicate Eisner's responsiveness to their clients needs.

Visual Design
A bold graphic strike-out effect paired with background colors that changed to represent different business groups within the firm.

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The Responsiveness Campaign

As the largest New York based accounting firm outside of the Big 4, Eisner LLP has grown rapidly. The firm’s ability to service both mid-sized and large public and private companies, while remaining focused on offering a level of personalized service that was lacking at their major competitors, is their greatest strength.

The Responsiveness Campaign grew out of a desire to differentiate
Eisner from the pack of large accounting firms. The campaign utilized wordplay paired with a graphical strikeout to transform everyday business terminology into positive words and phrases we associated with Eisner’s services. The primary goal of the campaign was to communicate how responsive the company is to its clients.

Our Process

Different campaign concepts were presented to Eisner’s marketing team both by us and other firms. Based on our prior experience working with Eisner along with our conversations with their professionals it became clear that their responsiveness was the key attribute they wanted to convey through the campaign. While our other concepts were well received for their ability to visually articulate complex business concepts as a result we narrowed down our entries to the concept that eventually grew into what eventually became The Responsiveness Campaign.

Visual Design

A major challenge was making Eisner standout amongst all the other financial and professional services ads that line the pages of prominent New York areas business publications. With a bold graphic approach the visual design of the ads jumped off the page. The design concept was also engineered to be systemic. The background colors are used to represent the different business groups within Eisner.

This approach allowed all of the business groups within the firm to easily utilize the campaign. All the while creating a sense of visual cohesiveness for the brand.

Campaign Launch

To inaugurate the launch of the campaign we designed a wrap around cover featuring a prominent brand ad and letter from the CEO as part of a far-reaching subscription giveaway to Crains New York for clients and friends of the firm.

Message Over Medium

From the outset, the campaign was designed to work in print, on the web and in motion. The strike-out design lent itself to being animated, making it easy to produce numerous banners ads for a wide-range of web sites. These animated banner ads were then linked to landing pages allowing Eisner to track the effectiveness of the campaign for each of its business groups.

Campaign Longevity

Over a year after its initial launch The Responsiveness Campaign is still being used by Eisner to promote its business in industry publications, online and at corporate events. The overwhelmingly positive response to the campaign has encouraged Eisner’s individual partners to become directly involved with the development of their group’s ads.