Develop a new brand identity for the merger of two of the leading accounting firms in Northeast
Highlight the unity and strength of the merger through the visual branding
Provide a solution that is flexible enough to work with the firm's numerous divisions and affiliates

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Rebranding EisnerAmper

When Eisner LLP and Amper, Politizner and Mattia, decided to merge, Suissa Messer was engaged to develop their new brand identity. The combined firm would be comprised of over 1,200 professionals working across eleven offices, instantly solidifying EisnerAmper as the leading accounting firm in the Northeast.

We were faced with the challenge of developing a new brand identity that had to set the tone for the firm's communications, be flexible enough to work with numerous entities and affiliates and be easily deployed -- all in a matter of weeks.

A New Direction

Early on a decision was made to forgo preserving any existing visual elements from either brand. Instead the logo was designed to highlight the benefits of the combination and evolve with the brand overtime. Shapes inspired from mathematical symbols were used to represent the combined strength of the new firm. The Trajan typeface was used as a classical way of conveying both the firm's stature and professionalism.

Messaging In Mind

The logo was created with messaging in mind from the outset. We developed visual concepts to show how the firm could use the logo in its messaging.

Implementing the Brand

With two marketing departments coming together as one, our aim was to make the deployment of the new brand assets as easy as possible. We developed a
comprehensive style guide to assist the marketing team in communicating the best practices and guidelines to EisnerAmper's numerous vendors.

A complete system of secondary colors, logo treatments and use cases were developed to make the implementation of the new branding as consistent as possible across all offices and thousands of communications.

With a little over a month from conception to the initial roll-out, this systemic approach was vital as it allowed us to quickly expand the brand identity into stationery, signage and exhibit displays.

A Growing Identity

We look forward to continuing our work with EisnerAmper and their partners to expand their firm's new branding across multiple channels.