Expand InteleTravel.com's presence on Facebook
Develop and test-market a Facebook ad campaign and custom landing page
1,100% increase in users who liked the brand in less than a month

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Making Facebook Advertising 'Work'

InteleTravel.com, the originator of the travel agency at home concept, looked to Suissa Messer to accelerate the growth of its Facebook presence through social network advertising.

The goal of the campaign was to get users to “Like” the InteleTravel.com brand as a first step towards engagement. This long-term approach was created specifically for Facebook advertising, which focuses on “demand generation” rather than “demand fulfilment”. By helping InteleTravel.com build its community and increase user engagement with news, offerings, etc. the brand can increase both the size of and relationship with its online audience.

We worked with InteleTravel.com to develop both the strategy and creative behind the campaign. With ads like "Making Their Social Network Work For You" our goal was to rapidly appeal to users' interests in leveraging the power of their own networks by joining InteleTravel. The target audience was determined by matching user profiles characteristics to create the most receptive audience to their core message.

The Deliverables

To execute this campaign we created a series of graphic ads along with a customized landing page tab. The landing page became the default destination for users who were viewing the InteleTravel.com's Facebook presence for the first time.

Over the duration of the campaign, we helped InteleTravel.com monitor the campaign's reporting and fine tune its implementation.

The Results

The campaign resulted in a dramatic 1,100% increase in users who choose to like the brand on Facebook in under a month. Similar gains were made in the increase of views of the company's online postings and user engagement more than tripled.

In addition to results, InteleTravel.com gained valuable data on the profiles of users who engaged with its ads. This data can be incorporated into future marketing efforts to increase their effectiveness.

We look forward to building on the success of this campaign expanding it to a larger audience.