Chartering A New Course
for InteleTravel

In 1996, InteleTravel was named the 45th largest travel agency in the country by Travel Weekly with over a $100 million dollars in travel sales supported by its unique home-based business travel agent model. With tens of thousands of member agents and an innovative business model it rivaled traditional travel agencies. With the advent of online booking the industry landscape changed dramatically.

Over the next decade, a post 9/11 decrease in travel bookings compounded the decline contributing in part to a 50% drop in the number of travel agencies 2 . In 2002, the company was relaunched with a new online business model that revitalized InteleTravel. Once again, it become an industry leader, but as a more progressive and leaner company.

Suissa Messer was engaged by InteleTravel to help rebrand the company to capitalize on its significant history, establish online credibility and increase its overall brand awareness. Beginning with redesigning their identity, the new logo represented a more contemporary company without sacrificing the creditability and professionalism the company had acquired. Over the last few years, we continued to grow our partnership with to differentiate the company from other host travel agencies through the strategic design of their creative communications.

Our comprehensive redesign of their web site created an online presence geared to grow their travel sales, agent recruitment and provide robust sales tools and training to its agents. agents now had instant access to a library of digital and print-based sales tools. From a customizable e-mail based digital postcard campaign to online banner ads, agents had a home to grow their own businesses and provide easy online travel booking to their clients.

The web site even allows agents to make their own personalized page so they can more effectively target their consumer base. This approach allowed to give their agents more accessible digital sales tools, which were provided free to the agents, and proved to be far more cost effective to produce.

Building upon the digital sales tools, we also worked closely with to create a VistaPrint promotional products portal, where agents can order a wide variety of promotional products developed by Suissa Messer. Continuing on their legacy of innovation, InteleTravel now had their own e-commerce site created without the headaches and overhead that come with handling traditional product production and fulfillment.

These efforts collectively allowed their travel agents to play to the strength of their profession, helping clients plan and book personalized vacations. now competes with popular online travel web sites, while offering all the benefits of a traditional travel agent's personalized service.

In 2009, we created an animated presentation to showcase the benefits of becoming an InteleTravel agent. From its online debut, the movie's landing page has maintained an average viewing time of over three and a half minutes, which is many times higher than the time users spend visiting a typical web page. The presentation was also recognized by Graphic Design USA in the magazine's annual national competition. A flexible development approach provided multiple applications for using the animation from its online presence paired with a specialized landing page to large screen playback at events and trade shows. Its modularity now allows the introduction to act as a stand-alone animated identity bumper for use with future presentations.

We look forward to continuing working with InteleTravel to build up their agent base and boost travel sales through our creative communications.

1. Travel Weekly , June 2006, Volume 55, Issue 51
2. Travel Agents Are Staging a Comeback , Smart,, May 17, 2007