Keep candidates informed of new job openings via a custom online solution
Increase engagement between the Abacus Group and its candidates and increase website visitor loyalty

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Custom Development Provides An Effective Staffing Solution

When the Abacus Group, a New York based financial staffing firm, needed a customized solution to keep their candidates informed of new job openings they turned to Suissa Messer.

Our solution allows job seeking candidates to receive customized e-mails alerting them to newly added positions on the firm's website. Through a simple sign-up process users can subscribe to the e-mail alerts and determine which openings they would be interested in just by specifying basic criteria like salary, location, etc. This approach increases the relevance of the positions and the subsequent response rate to the alerts.

The opt-in e-mail announcements were designed to be viewed consistently across all major e-mail clients.

A major goal of the project was making the solution as easy to administer as it is to use. The flexible template driven architecture enables the Abacus Group to edit the e-mail templates in-house along with controlling a host of other functions all through a centralized back-end. The e-mail job alerts is fully integrated into the firm's existing online jobs system, also developed by Suissa Messer.

By keeping candidates informed of new openings the Abacus Group has increased engagement between the firm and its candidates. This automated solution also expands the reach of their job postings without any ongoing expenses making for an attractive return on investment.